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Bro Provincial's letter

Bro Provincial's letter

From Bro. Provincial's desk

In the academic year 2554, each school of Saint Gabriel's Foundation plans to implement various projects through operating plans within the approved budget. This planning must take into account factors and criteria. We still groom people and personnel resource of quality to serve society. With hindsight each school has seen difficult times right from its conception and has now developed. This is realized through the dedication and commitment of our ancestors and collaborators who preceded us. It is incumbent on us now to maintain the heritage, spirit, standard, and the quality.


Society puts their trust in us, maybe the last resource of their expectation. Our schools operated under the auspices of Saint Gabriel's Foundation can still withstand the ups and downs, not because of the Foundation, but because of the community, society and the parents who want our schools to exist and function. It is therefore our duty to maintain, preserve and develop them sustainably. We must improve our performance, change in order to have sustainable development. This has to begin with ourselves first. We have seen many changes in the past decades such as:-


  • Education technique has developed and changed so fast that often time schools cannot catch up with it. New knowledge, new innovations, new theories and new inventions take place all the times. All must be aware of these and try to move with the trend.
  • Survival of the fittest is ever valid. All are determined to have good life and achieve success. Therefore, people strive by all means to survive because only the fittest will survive. In today world there is high competition in education management through the opening of schools of various categories, and many international schools set up by foreigners. For the survival of our institutes, we must look for our strong points and promote them clearly. How can we achieve good results commensurate with high investment?
  • Knowledge and its transmission in schools seem outdated. At present social network has linked the whole world together. There is easy access to knowledge source through high technology, without regular classroom participation. Old way of teaching and outdated textbooks will not work any longer.
  • Society expects high standard and quality education from our institutes. Parents expect the schools to churn out geniuses. Or when their children leave our schools they expect students to have skill in English, and be able to get admission in famous universities. How can the school adequately address this issue or find ways to bring about standard and quality and strive for total formation of man without sacrificing our identity and the handed-down heritage?
  • Accountability and assessment for development are a must. Schools must be ready for assessment and evaluation by internal and external official agency. Simultaneously schools must have their own assessment system. Systematic inputs for continued development, especially the personnel development, should be initiated.
  • There is also insecurity risk arising from various factors such as politics, the murky education policy of the government, the fragile economic system unfavorable to investors, etc. All these affect education management. Our schools must be aware of this and plan ahead to meet the challenge


Organization management is the duty of everybody, not only that of the directors. Efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out the function according to the goal and vision demands that organization and personnel be adaptable and have the following new ideas: -



  1. All must adapt themselves to the environment of the organization. This means they must accept rules, tradition, policy, the role of leader and followers, the wise and costeffective use of technology etc. Failing in this, their performance will be ineffective and they cannot live happily in that organization. He or she will not be able to communicate effectively with others. Besides, he or she will be the cause of the problem and an obstacle to development.
  2. The organization itself must have adaptation capability to the environment lest it deteriorates into extinction. In today world components of education management are in constant change with regard to curricula, technology, external environment and the learners themselves. Therefore, schools and personnel at all levels must move up with the trend in full awareness.
  3. Cost effectiveness is also an exigency. With little capital investment, how can we get the maximum output? When the business fails, there is always the layoff of employees or the reduction in remuneration to cut the cost. To succeed in any enterprise we need investment, budget and other resources. How can we plan together so that we can maximize the capital and the resources we have to the full? There must be economizing measures in which all are involved for the sustainability of the organization. If the organization survives, we also survive.
  4. Good governance strategy is to be implemented to build confidence in our customers and stakeholders and answer to the needs of society. There are still people of good will who want to support our schools. It is up to us to carry out our duties in full capacity, giving time to instruct the students with love and kindness without any discrimination.
  5. Esprit de corps: harmony among the members, addressing personal needs, and active participation in the functioning of the organization will happen if all share the same vision and goals. All must accept the assigned jobs with pride without interfering in others' responsibility. Nor should they put the workload on someone's shoulder. Esprit de corps is not easy to build, but it can be achieved if each one helps to invest in it.
  6. Love, devotion, and sense of belonging are important qualities that the members of the schools should have. Misunderstanding can occur, but it should not lead to conflict and faction, which are detrimental to the organization.

These are my expectations and dreams to come true in our schools and among us these years for our own survival and for selfless service to the society through our educative mission. I have confidence and hope in you, my Brothers and collaborators as I do count on yours always.

October, 2011

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