Dear Montfortian Associates,

SAWADEE and a good day to you all ! First and foremost, I would like to say, "a hearty welcome" to all of you to participate in our Annual Meeting held on July 31/16. Your presence in the meeting will enhance, our spirit of brotherly Love, Sacrifice and co-operation. Do not miss this opportunity to meet your good old friends whom you may not see them for a long period of time, some 30-40 years ago. Please sacrifice your precious time to come to the Provincial House at Soi Thong Loh on July 31/16.

1. Jubilee of Mercy : Let me remind you of "Jubilee of Mercy" The Holy Catholic Church has given all her faithful to benefit from this golden opportunity. It is a time for us to reflect about our relationship with God. If we fail to obey Him, in some ways or another, either by words or deeds, then, it is time now to reconcile with Him. Do not forget that the "Jubilee of Mercy" is going to be expired on this coming November/16, not many months to go! Please bear in mind, to forgive our neighbours, speak and think well of them.
" Be merciful to others as your Heavenly Father is merciful to you "

2. Tricentenaire (1716-2016). We, all the MA-Members this year commemorate and celebrate the 300 year of Our Founder's Death, the year 1716-2016. It is the most auspicious Day for all MA-Members to get together and celebrate our Founder on July 31/16. As eventful Memory, we propose to make T-Shirts with beautiful design, in white and blue colour. Thanks to K.Nont and his teamwork who immediately initiates and completes it successfully in a very short period of time. It is a very beautiful design as you can see from the Face Book. Now, we have got the order of more than 500 pcs for the kick-off. We are expecting more orders from the various Institutions of BSG. Thanks so much for the supporting-orders from ACU, ACL and all MA-Members. The profit-wise from the sales of T-Shirts will be partly given to ST. Louis Juniorate, Sriracha, Scholasticate Sampran, and San Sai Chieng Mai.

3. NOK NOI Vol 27. Thanks you so much for the MA-Members who have contributed the Articles to our NOK NOI. It shows how we are loyal, loveble, and faithful to our Montfort Group. It will not be out of place to thank K.Nont and his team work who have sacrificed their full time to complete the issue on time with beautiful Layout. May God bless them abundantly.
4. Assumption Paradise. This Name is so familiar to all of us. It is situated in Chantaburi Pravince. Well! very lately, Monfort Associates have entered into the agreement with BSG and ACS to work hand in-hand for the Management and the future development of the estate. The MA-Committee has appointed Dr. Damrong, K. Songkram and their teamwork to be in charged of this project. Further details, Dr.Damrong will be very happy to let us know during the Annual Meeting July 31/16. Don't miss this opportunity! Come in full-force !
May God bless you all, dear MA-Members!


Yours in Xt.Jesus
John Bosco Praphot Rak-Arom
The MA-President

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MA Mid-Year Retreat 
24-27 March 16
Annual Retreat with BSG
27-28 Feb 16
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MA President and team visit Juvenists at Sriracha
4 Feb 16
The 8 MA representatives met with the Vicar General and Asst Superior General from Rome this evening at the Provincial House.
20 Dec 15
MA X'Mas Reunion

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MA Day, the annual meeting 2015

3 - 5 April 15
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14 Feb 15
The Grand Opening of Midfield Soccer in Huahin soi 6 (Bor Fai) on the 14th of February 2015.>>

7 Feb 15
Homecoming activities — at ยุวลัยเซนต์หลุยส์แมรรี่ >>

31 Jan 15
Montfortian association from BKK & Northern region met and celebrate St. Louis' commemorative birthday at MC Cnx
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11 Jan 15
Bro.Paul Raj Assit. General จากโรมจะมาร่วมประชุม Chaper พบกับกลุ่มพวกเรา
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A Sharing Music from Bro. Anurak

Louis Montfort Associate MP3>>On this feast day of the arch-angels. Music Document Download


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